The Strategic Midwest Area Renewable Transmission Study, or SMARTransmission Study, was a comprehensive study of the transmission needed in the Upper Midwest to support renewable energy development and to transport that energy to consumers.

SMARTransmission is sponsored by Electric Transmission America – a transmission joint venture of subsidiaries of American Electric Power and MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company – American Transmission Company, Exelon Corporation, NorthWestern Energy, MidAmerican Energy Company – a subsidiary of MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company – and Xcel Energy.

The sponsors retained Quanta Technology LLC to evaluate extra-high voltage transmission alternatives and provide recommendations for new transmission development in the Upper Midwest, including North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Quanta conducted an analysis of transmission alternatives, and analyzed the impact and quantifed the economic benefits of several transmission options. Results of the study were shared with the Midwest Independent Transmission System Operator, PJM Interconnection and Southwest Power Pool for their consideration in their respective planning processes.

“A critical component of our nation’s approach to addressing climate change is the ability to harvest our most viable renewable generation resources. The Dakotas, Minnesota and Iowa have some of the richest renewable generation resources in the United States, and the clean energy potential in this region cannot be developed unless we build very efficient, high-capacity transmission to bring this to population and electricity load centers,” said Lisa Barton, ETA president.

“The study sponsors collectively believe that a extra-high voltage transmission network in the Upper Midwest will provide significant economic, environmental and reliability benefits by ensuring access to new generation sources and strengthening the transmission system in the heart of the nation. This study will quantify those benefits and suggest the best transmission options for accessing the generation resources native to this region,” Barton said.

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